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Intelligent by design

Great brands do not come about by chance. The interactions they nurture are carefully designed and continuously evolved around the needs of people and the world around us. They excite, inform, simplify, reassure and act in all the right places and at all the right times. Simply put, they are intelligent by design. 

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Tim Seddon 

Future Interaction is a product and service innovation consultancy set up to help businesses adapt and thrive in what is a rapidly changing world.

My passion lies in the application of human centred design in business, sustainability, collaborative working and innovation enabled through technology (including AI and ML). 

Along with extensive management and multi sector experience from my time running some of London's leading digital agencies, I am a certified UX design professional, creative thinker, operations specialist and Agile leader. 

Please also see my Linkedin profile if looking for more details and references: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tseddon/

Can i help you?


Over the last 20+ years I have helped teams at numerous FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies evolve for the digital era. In addition, as an entrepreneur I have been at the coalface setting up and running a number of small innovative B2B and B2C businesses. Whatever shape or size your business is, Future Interaction is here to help.


Insights, Ideation, Iteration diagram

AI is changing what is possible and with it the shape of all future business

How quickly will you adapt?

My approach

I like to use the MIT Design Thinking approach (Real, Win, Worth It framework) to work with you or your team/s to identify potential areas for innovation and generate ideas together. Where possible I like to work in a hybrid capacity split between your offices and remote working. 

MIT Real, Win, Worth it framework overview diagram

MIT - Design thinking approach 

The MIT Real - Win - Worth it framework was developed as a systematic and repeatable process for approaching innovation in business. I studied this method with the MIT Sloan school of management. Inside the framework I then use a Double Diamond approach across Insights, Ideation and Iteration of concepts to facilitate collaborative working.


Diagram showing Deep learning within ML and in turn within AI field

AI and ML models

If AI is to play a role in the solution then I can help here also. I have trained with MIT to identify business opportunities, prototype and optimise a range of AI and Machine Learning models (using tools such as RapidMIner). This allows for great agility in the conceptual stage without the need for costly infrastructure or heavy engineering from the outset. 


Mid fidelity example of prototyping showing an airline homepage example

Crafting great experiences

I believe in developing experiences that benefit both people and business. In order to succeed, prototyping and great UX must sit at the core of all products and services whether they are B2C, B2B or internally focussed. I am a certified professional UX designer having trained with Glasgow Caledonian University and the UX design Institute. 

Caring about the future...and the bottom line

Targeting Sustainability in your business and your supply chain is so critical for the future health and wellbeing of our planet. It can also deliver significant cost savings whilst also attracting talent, driving up staff retention, increasing revenue and attracting more investors. It really is a win win for those embracing change in this area. 

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